Post Event Email - changing program status

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Post Event Email - changing program status


I have uploaded a list of leads from an event and changed their program status to attended/no show. The list includes members whose event attendance status is either 'engaged' or 'no show'.

I want to send the members of this list the same post event email, however, I'm not sure if I have to again change their program status in the flow step of the campaign?

Does changing their program status again, risk ruining the campaign?



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Re: Post Event Email - changing program status

Hi Karys,

The smart list is evaluated before the flow starts. So the change status will occur only once the lead is in the flow, so no, it will not ruin the campaign

Excepted if you have a flow step with a choice that tests the status to send different emails. In this case, you need to make sure the "change program status" flow step is placed after the send email one.