Polling feature with Results after user submits

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Polling feature with Results after user submits


Can someone help me figure out what I need to do in Marketo to create this simplified campaign scenario below?

Step Flow 1: Visitor visits landing page

Step Flow 2: Landing page has 1 Polling question and 1 form field.

     Polling Question 1: "What are you drinking?" Select the following

     A: Cosmo

     B: Beer

     C: Wine

     😧 Water

     E: Other
     Form Field 1:  Email Address

Step Flow 3: Form is completed and Submit button clicked

Step Flow 4: Submit Button Landing Page displays real-time survey results. The graph would show the total results of the survey in realtime. So the visitor can see how he/she compares to the rest of the visitor who answered the same survey question.

Can I create this scenario in Marketo?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Polling feature with Results after user submits

Marketo itself doesn't have a survey/polling feature that I'm aware of.  You're going to need to find a survey/polling feature that will produce surveys and results off of Marketo data.   The follow-up step in Flow 4 will basically just redirect customers to those results whether it's an entirely different page, iframed into your page, or pulled from an embed code or whatever the case may be. 

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Re: Polling feature with Results after user submits

If this is the case, what is the function of Marketo's poll class mktoPoll?

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Re: Polling feature with Results after user submits

We do have built-in polling functionality and you have a couple options for implementing this. The way most customers would do it is something like you see here: http://go.kokopop.com/Test-Polls_test-poll-page.html

This is executed through social profile, which will actually automatically give you information about who took this action (including email address if the person shares it on their social profile). You can also optionally ask them to verify their email and opt-out/in for future communications.

Our documentation is here: http://docs.marketo.com/display/DOCS/Create+a+Poll