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Personalize .ics file

can anyone help me with creating a personalized .ics file? I did this once with help from an article here but I can't seem to find it anymore.
I remember I have to create an outlook file and save it, then get it to design studio. From there on I'm at a loss. There was something with sending me a test and copying a link but I really don't remember how to get this done.

If anybody has the link to the help article or discussion where this is described, please do post it 🙂

Thanks a lot for your help!
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Re: Personalize .ics file

The easiest way to do this is with a Calendar token in your program or folder -- give this a try:

Justin Norris | Perkuto
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Re: Personalize .ics file

With the revamp of Marketo's documents, the link provided above does not work anymore. Here are updated links:

Create a Calendar Event File:

Include a Calendar Event in an Email:

Include a Calendar Event in a Landing Page: