Person Account vs Business Account

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Person Account vs Business Account

Hi All,

We are having a problem on our PA and BA. When we are asking our customers about their company they put NONE or N/A or somethinglike that. and they are created as business account not person account how can I fix this?


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Re: Person Account vs Business Account

Hi Jas,

Please move this to Products​. Marketing Central​ is for generic marketing questions.

This is an SFDC issue in the first place. You very likely have some workflow in SFDC that do this and assign the PA record type to the new contacts when the company is empty, but that workflow does not test on non empty yet meaningless values such as "none" or "N/A".

You can change the SFDC workflow, but there will always be some values that will not work, so I would recommend that you look at it from the process standpoint and replace the SFDC standard conversion assistant with a custom one. You will need to talk you a SFDC partner for this.