Partition update not allowed

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Partition update not allowed


I am developing a Windows service in C# . NET to update the Unsubscribe status of each leads. Using the  "lead id" am trying to update the unsubscribe status. And i am using this method  Create/Update Leads » Marketo Developers

But am getting a error message like below.

"{\"requestId\":\"6699#14f460e8f8c\",\"result\":[{\"status\":\"skipped\",\"reasons\":[{\"code\":\"1010\",\"message\":\"Partition update not allowed\"}]}],\"success\":true}"

Our Marketo instatnce has partitions. So i know that need to pass the partition name also. i tried with "default" but that's giving the same error message.

And then i tried to get the Partition name when i am getting the lead id's.  using this method Get Lead By Filter Type

filterValues = new String[] { "" };   

fields = new String[] { "id","Lead Partition"};

when i tried to get the partition name this way, getting. this error.

"{\"requestId\":\"b0da#14f49eaa8ae\",\"success\":false,\"errors\":[{\"code\":\"1006\",\"message\":\"Field 'Lead Partition' not found\"}]}"

So does anyone have a solution for this. Without partition name its not allowing to update. When i tried to get the partition name dynamically, its giving "Field 'Lead Partition' not found"

Please help me on this issue.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Partition update not allowed

fields = new String[] { "id","Lead Partition"};

Partition is not field.

You can not get partition name. See

If you make a custom field "partition name" and set these, you will resolve.

Of course I think this is not smart...