Outlook Plug in with SFDC

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Outlook Plug in with SFDC


Curious about the salesforce send and log button on the outlook add in.  Will this log an activity in SFDC and also track the email in Marketo when using a Marketo message?  Right now the when sales reps send a  Marketo message then they need to go into their sent items and mark the email to be logged by salesforce.  I am wondering if they hit the SalesForce Send and log button will that knock off the second step and log in both SF and Marketo?   Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for any help!!!

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Re: Outlook Plug in with SFDC

My understanding is that Marketo will log this in Marketo as a Sent Sales Email and in SFDC as a Sales Email Activity (if you checked that box in Admin > Salesforce.

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