Re: Open rates in India

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Open rates in India


We've started a nurture campaign for our prospects in India and I've been noticing that our open rates are much lower there while our click through rates are higher than average.

Has anyone else seen this happen?

Also, does anyone have any thoughts as to why the open rates are so low there? We're doing A/B testing with the subject lines but I'm wondering if I should be testing something else besides just the subject line.


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Re: Open rates in India

Hi Stephen,

What are you calling a "low" open rate ?

Open rates are highly dependent on various factors (non exclusive list) :

  • Market maturity for the products and services you offer
  • Sender market shares and brand awareness
  • Email object writing
  • Market maturity for the subject addressed in the email
  • Sender name and email address
  • Specific maturity of the addressee in its purchase cycle
  • ...

So, comparing open rates from one country to another, from one market to another within the same country is almost impossible.

I usually prefer to focus on rate evolution over time,