open rate by person

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open rate by person

Is it possible to create a list of people and view a report of those people's individual open rates? I want to look at a list of people and see how much they interacted with our email campaigns to see if they are more active than average and which people from the list are the most active as far as opening our emails. Does Marketo do this? Does it calculate each person's open rate from all the campaigns they've been sent and allow you to view that on a list of people?

For Example:

Person A            #Emails Sent               Open Rate               Click Rate

Person B            #Emails Sent               Open Rate               Click Rate

Person C            #Emails Sent               Open Rate               Click Rate

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Re: open rate by person

If you have RCE, you can create an email analysis report like so:


If you don't have RCE, you need to create email counter fields to track the metrics per person (and calculate it yourself).


We're only tracking number of emails sent, but you get the idea

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Re: open rate by person

Hello. I know this was posted 3 years ago, but was this question ever resolved?

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Re: open rate by person

Same resolution as above.


You could also use a webhook-compatible service to calculate the rate weekly and write that to a custom field.