OneTrust for GDPR

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OneTrust for GDPR

I know a few folks here have deployed OneTrust for GDPR compliance and cookie tracking opt in. Can anyone tell me where the code snippets from OneTrust are supposed to go in the Marketo landing page template HTML? I've been playing trial and error for a week and can't get it right and the guys @ OneTrust are useless b/c they don't know Marketo. Many thanks in advance!!!

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Re: OneTrust for GDPR

There's no way to use OneTrust alone to selectively disable Munchkin on Marketo LPs. The product is simply not equipped for what has to be done in this case.

You should get a developer who can coordinate OneTrust selections (they don't have an "API" per se, which is frustrating, but you can reparse their array of opted-in groups in JavaScript) with Munchkin initialization.