One program to handle all list import?

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One program to handle all list import?

Hi all,

My manager wants to streamline the list import process. Currently, we manually upload the purchased list, tradeshows and webinars list(hosted by 3rd party) to our Marketo instance. The idea is to use one list import program - it'll sort it based on the fields (webinar, tradeshow, live event, etc.) once it gets uploaded. Then it gets scored via Marketo lead scoring program and synced over to Salesforce.

Here are my concerns to use one list import program instead of creating separate programs to handle it:

- No individual campaign program will be set up for the list of each event. I would think it'll increase the level of complexity to set up follow up emails or create nurture campaigns?

- How to properly track the cost of each event? My manager said the number can insert from Salesforce? My concern is missing the valuable Marketo reporting.

- Quite some manual massage on the spreadsheet will be required if we want to use one list import program to handle all?

How do you handle the manual list import? Any thoughts or feedbacks will be appreciated.



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Re: One program to handle all list import?


Try moving this over to Products, you will get better activity there.

We have a process of creating separate campaigns in Marketo to score, trigger activity, etc for lists that we are uploading. We also sync that campaign to SFDC. But the actual list is being imported through SFDC using People Import. This gives us the ability to attribute ROI to the campaign specifically. (You could also do campaign attribution in Marketo but we do not use Marketo for that). Our process seems to be pretty clean and we are able to manipulate the import a little more from Salesforce. Although, one of the pitfalls that we see is that sometimes there can be a lag from uploading the list in SFDC to those leads/contacts being added to the Marketo campaign.

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Re: One program to handle all list import?

Thanks Chris. I just added my question to product section.

Do you mean you create the separate campaigns for each list? At meanwhile, you upload the list from SFDC instead or Marketo?

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Re: One program to handle all list import?

Hi Huihsing,

Although it is certainly easier to create one program to import all lists into, it does not only become more complicated for data maintenance, but also reporting.

I'd recommend a few things here...

- For any purchased or rental lists, have these have their own programs. So you'd have a channel specific to this source (with statuses like member, engaged) and then one program per list provider, per period you want to report on (usually this is quarterly). This way you can see how successful these leads are per provider (define engagement), include costs and that opens new metrics.

- For events if possible I'd recommend integrations (like webinar provider integrations) but I know that's not always possible so for things like 3rd party events, I'd still keep the lists static but have them live within the event program and set the correct membership status.

This also allows data points to be set through flows once "added to list xyz" -- things like acquisition, lead source, lead source detail, etc.

Happy Friday,