One Program for Asset Download & webinar invitation

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One Program for Asset Download & webinar invitation

Hi All,

I want to create one email with two clickable links for two different landing pages - one for filling out the form to download the whitepaper and another one to register for the upcoming webinar related to the white paper. I am not sure which program type or channel to select. As one landing page link is for asset download and the other is for the webinar registration, so how the program status will be updated based In Marketo based on the interaction with each landing page link.

Also if someone fills out the form for downloading the asset whether they will receive an invite for the webinar because I want to sync the Marketo program with the webinar created in Zoom.

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Re: One Program for Asset Download & webinar invitation

It sounds like you are trying to create two calls to action for the same program.  You may want to consider a different approach, but technically there is no reason why you cannot have two buttons for two linked landing pages.  As far as program type, you may want to just create a default program for this purpose.  Keep in mind that there are several ways to set-up programs.

An alternate approach...

You can create one form for the program that serves both purposes, because you will be needing most of the same information and it would be redundant to ask them for the same information twice.  You can create a form with a checkboxes or radio buttons to indicate their interest in the program(s).  If you need more info for one of the options, like time zone preference for example, then you can collect that data using visibility rules in the form.  In this case, I have the time zone appear only if they check the webinar box.


If they check the webinar box, then the time zone field appears.


In you Smart Campaign logic, you control the actions.  Such as:

  • Send an email with the whitepaper download link, if that box is checked
  • Add them to the webinar program, if that box is checked.


NOTE: You will need to create the webinar program first, in order to select it as a program in the Smart Campaign.

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Re: One Program for Asset Download & webinar invitation

Any reason why the whitepaper and webinar aren't individual programs in Marketo? For what you're looking to do, I'd expect for your email promotion to be it's own default or email program, but for the other steps to be managed within a default program (whitepaper), and event program (webinar).

That way, it's clear which program the person has registered for, and you can use the existing program member/success steps within each whitepaper and webinar program to manage follow-ups, etc.