One email, multiple values

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One email, multiple values

Happy Friday everyone!

We need to send an email notifying that there's an update available for their account. The problem is one email address can be attached to several accounts. What we could like to do is have ALL their accounts reflected in the email, not just one. Is there a way to do this?


email address: is tied to

Account #s: 1234 and 6789 and 5678

Hi Jane,

Your accounts 1234, 6789 and 5678 are eligible for this update

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Re: One email, multiple values

Of course, but it depends on your data model. Where do you store account numbers?

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Re: One email, multiple values

Hi Jennifer,

if what you mean is that you have multiple contacts/leads that have the same email but are attached to different accounts, this is going to be tricky.

But if, as Justin suggest, you have a more sophisticated data model and your account numbers are attached to another object with a 1-N link to the lead/contact, this will be feasible with a velocity script token. The prerequisite is that this custom object be mapped to Marketo.