ON24 Webinar Platform

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ON24 Webinar Platform

My company is looking into our options for hosting our monthly live webcasts as well as our on-demand ones. One of those options is ON24. The fact that they integrate with Marketo is a huge plus for us, but we would like to know if other Marketo users have had success with them or if there are other platforms the Marketo community would recommend.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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Re: ON24 Webinar Platform

Have you checked launchpoint? Several vendors integrate directly with Marketo.

  • Native Integration
    • GTW
    • Webex
    • BrightTalk
    • ON24
  • Other Webhook/API
    • Zoom
    • etc...

I've used ON24 and GTW and been pretty happy. You really have to vet your needs vs. their features before you sign anything. Dig into what integration type a vendor uses and how easy will it be?

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Re: ON24 Webinar Platform

Hi Kathy,

I've used GTW and ON24 and both are great in their own way. ON24 is the more fancy option, and I believe it costs more. I think GTW's user interface is a little more straight forward (this is just my opinion ), so might help to consider your team's comfort level with using this type of technology.

I agree with Josh, it really depends on your needs and whether the tool meets those needs. It might help to discuss needs with the people who will be scheduling, hosting and presenting the webinar. That way, you can make a list of 'Must Haves' versus 'Nice to Haves'.


Tom Kerlin
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Re: ON24 Webinar Platform

Thanks Tom and Josh. The person who runs alll of our webcasts vetted three different platforms one of which (and the only one that integrates with Marketo) was ON24. She recommnded ON24 for a number of reasons one of them being the integration with Marketo. I was just hoping to get some reviews from Marketo users who have used ON24 to help support her in getting ON24 as the approved new platform for our webcasts.

Sounds to me like you both had nothing negative to say about them especially if we are sure it suits our needs from a technical aspect.      

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Re: ON24 Webinar Platform

Kathy, On 24 is one of the highest rated platforms, although it does integrate with Marketo there are many options that does that too. The real question is what types usage you need.

ON24 is known for its ability to pre-record webinars (of course live ones too), display slideshows, along with their ability to help you run the system.