On24 integration documentation is really bad

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On24 integration documentation is really bad

I sent an email to article feedback on May 18th but never heard back. I'm hoping it was missed due to a routing rule of some kind. I figure if I post here it will get the attention it needs. Here's what I said in my email.

"I was looking at the On24 webinar integration documentation, and it has some serious issues.

  1. It says to set the schedule for the program. That's not actually necessary because the event partner (On24) sets the schedule as part of the integration. If you try to set the event schedule with a program that's already synced to On24, it shows this:


  2. In related articles about local assets and campaigns, all of the asset names are underlined in red because the person building the documentation didn't actually build any real assets (just in case that wasn't clear from problem #1):


The fact that documentation was written without a real working example in hand is very concerning, and something I would be embarrassed to have posted..."
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Re: On24 integration documentation is really bad

Thank you for your feedback, Grant, it has been passed on to the Docs team.

Amy Goldfine
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