Nurturing Stream issue

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Nurturing Stream issue

Hey guys,

I have this issue when I test my streams.

When I test my 1st stream, I receive the emails that are in Stream 2 and 3, all at once. But when I test the Stream 2 and 3, I receive the emails as it's supposed to be.

Please let me know if you have any idea on what's going on.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Nurturing Stream issue

Best to post images, not docx.

I believe you need to restructure your system

  • Entry - batch or triggered entry into desired Streams
  • Exits - when should you stop sending?
  • Transitions - please use batch or triggers (almost never a reason to use a trigger) instead of Transition Rules.
    • Remember Transitions PULL into that Stream.

I suspect you had the Transition pull anyone from Stream 1 to Stream 2 as soon as they are in Stream 1 (from your screenshot). You do not need to do this.

Please see Nurturing Your Audience the Way they Want to be Nurtured

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Re: Nurturing Stream issue

Thanks Josh, it really helps!

I'll try my best to arrange my program properly.