nurturing email campaign launch

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nurturing email campaign launch


I am designing a nurturing email campaign:

  • stream 1: I want to send the first email to all members on my list
  • stream 2: I want to send a second follow up email to someone who opened the first email
  • steam 3: I want to send the first email repeatedly to someone who didn't open the first email in the stream 1
  1. how can I set the campaign?
  2. How can I turn on it? should I set up an email program at the same time? or I can set up a nurturing campaign independently?
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Re: nurturing email campaign launch

You can have 3 streams and in each of the streams'. You can have the transition rules in each stream as follows:

- Stream 1 : Person in List defined as said.

- Stream 2: Person was sent the Email in stream 1 and opened the email

- Stream 3 : Person sent the email, and Person not opened email in the past X days. (Set the cadence as required)


I would suggest to use the Email asset only in the each of the streams instead of default program. You can activate the contents in the streams once you have set up the appropriate transition rules for each stream.

Refer this link for detailed explanation. Let us know if your require more help.


BTW this can be done in a more simple way by using default programs for each scenario/email delivery instead of engagement program.

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Re: nurturing email campaign launch

Hi Ling, 


For the program that you're mentioning below, I would actually suggest building it as a default program instead of an engagement program. Engagement programs are typically meant to act as a series of nurture emails that will be sent to a list over a period of time. The intent is to continue adding content to the engagement streams so that you're continuing to nurture  your prospects. 


The campaign that you're describing sounds like it's only a series of 3 emails, which is why I would suggest setting it up as a default program that uses smart campaigns to trigger the email sends. 


The logic could be something like the following:

Email #1:

Could be set up as a batch or trigger campaign

Smart List: Member of List or Added to List if you want it to be a trigger campaign

Flow: Send Email


Email #2:

Trigger campaign:

Smart List: Opens Email (insert email name)

Flow: Wait 5 days, Send Email #2


Email #3:

Batch campaign

Smart List: Not Opened Email after X amount of days

Flow: Send Email #1


Hope this is helpful