[Nurture] Transit people to streams based on the no. of clicks?

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[Nurture] Transit people to streams based on the no. of clicks?

Hi, I'd like to transit people to the stream according to the track that they clicked the most. The idea is to send 3 drip emails which we call the pre-stream emails. In each of these pre-stream emails, it contains 4 links (one for each track). Each of the tracks has a stream. Finally, after receiving all 3 pre stream emails, the lead will transit to the stream according to the track that he/she clicks the most.


However, if any of the tracks has a tie (same number of clicks as one or more tracks), then we should have a smart campaign that will prioritize the tracks and transit the people.


Here's a screenshot of the nurture. May I know what's the best way to do this?



Thanks so much!


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Re: [Nurture] Transit people to streams based on the no. of clicks?

I don't see good options here. "Clicked the most" implies that you want to count and compare. Marketo can count, but it can't compare. Also it seems you want to count multiple clicks on the same link as indicator of higher engagement, right? Not sure that's a valid assumption.


I think I'd prioritize the links as in prio 1, 2, 3 and 4. And after your pre-stream has ended, run Smart Campaigns that say something like: If clicked prio1 link in all emails go to prio1 stream. If clicked prio1 link in two emails, but prio2 link in all 3 emails go to prio2 stream. And so on. That would create a matrix of possible click scenarios that you can use for your stream transitions.


The standard caveat applies that clicks can also be bot clicks and therefore are dangerous territory for nurture decisions. Also, I wonder if a person that expressed interest by clicking a link in Email1 (and not clicking the others) of your Pre-Stream should go to that stream instantly. Just a thought.

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Re: [Nurture] Transit people to streams based on the no. of clicks?

I'd keep the Pre Stream Program as a separate program, with a custom program channel which has the following statuses, in addition to more as needed.


1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4


The operational smart campaigns can stamp the status as and when relevant, and if a higher status is achieved, the lead won't move back to a previous status. Based on listening the status change, you can push it to nurture and specific stream. Because these are program statuses, a lead won't have more than one at a time and you can define the priority as well. The caveat of false positives is pretty real, as Michael points out, you may want to filter the Bot Activity to address the same.


The operational campaigns could mean a specific smart campaign (for every unique URL) to count the number of unique clicks on a CTA (may need the UTMs if you have multiple links in the same email and want to count them differently). To count update program member custom field (this is a useful field to manage counting program specific counts of links in other programs as well)