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Notification to Internal Sales team

Hi Marketo team,

I have query regarding email notification the internal Sales team on

1. If there is any status change (Score is updated or Leads has done certain actions) for Leads.

2. If there is any status change(Sales Stage is updated or the Opportunity's revenue exceed a particular  threshold) for Opportunity.

Could you kindly help to suggest how we can achieve the above two email notification using Marketo.


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Re: Notification to Internal Sales team

Yes, use triggers to achieve this

1. use score is changed filter with relative score constraint of at least 1

1.  use trigger for those actions, like opens email or visits page

2. Use Trigger for added to opportunity or opportunity is updated and select the constraints you want

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Re: Notification to Internal Sales team

And then 'Send Alert to the correct person. You can even use tokens to determine who to send the email to.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.39.34 PM.png

My suggestion would be to set thresholds for these types of alerts. Scores can and should change frequently and having an alert in your inbox everytime someone does something quickly loses it's function.

If you have Salesforce and Marketo Sales Insight, another great way is to 'Add to Watchlist' for your sales reps.