Nested Program in Nurture/Cadence

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Nested Program in Nurture/Cadence

So I've done a few regular email nurture campaigns with various emails and streams. However, I've never done a Nurture Campaign with the nested program in the stream and I wanted to see if anyone had some examples they've done. 

Part 2 of this question is about cadence. In the past, I've set the cadence to send to run once every two weeks on Tuesdays, which has worked relatively fine. But, correct me if I'm wrong, no matter when you get added to a nurture campaign, you'll always get the emails based on when the next cast is going to send. 

However, my manager wants anyone who added to the SFDC Campaign linked with the nurture campaign to get the first email the next day and then wait two weeks from the first send before the next email goes out. 

Does this mean I should do a nested program with a

Smart list: Trigger - added to SFDC campaign 

Flow step - wait 24 hours 
                    Send email #1
                     Wait 2 weeks

                     Send email #2 

                     Wait 2 weeks

                     Send email #3 etc...

If the above is right, and you add this nest program to the nurture stream, how do you set the cadence?

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Re: Nested Program in Nurture/Cadence

There's a good thread here about nested programs:

We use nested programs to control not sending the piece of content if that person has already downloaded it. 

For cadence, your assumption is correct... after a person is added to the engagement program, they will not receive their first piece of content until the next cast. If you have to have email #1 go automatically, and email #2 go two weeks after, then email #3 two weeks after that, then you're building a new set of logic to skirt around the cadence of the nurture program. Could you send the first email within 24 hours, wait a couple days, then add the person to the engagement program and let the engagement cadence take over from there?