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    Nurture (ahem, Engagement) Programs Best Practices?

    Brett Carpenter

      Hey y'all!


      I'd like to get some advice/best practices around nurture programs.


      Our Marketo migration company (DemandSpring) set up a nurture program template which included a nested program inside it. If we're just getting started, would it be better for us to use individual emails rather than programs? (I'm looking specifically at this doc: Adding a Program to an Engagement Program Stream - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation )


      Our plan is to create a welcome email nurture program with several streams based on user activity. So after sending the first email, they'll either go to Stream 2 or 3, then either Streams 4, 5, 6, or 7, and they all end at Stream 8. Is this too much for noobs?

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          Ethan Warlick

          Hey Brett - After my very first nurture program (made of only emails) I've never created a nurture program with anything other than nested default programs. At first it seemed like a bit of overkill (and it may be for a welcome stream) but I find them to be extremely helpful for both localizing reports and creating smart campaigns. We have many digital assets that have been live for a while and we don't want to promote these to leads who may have already received them, so building smart lists within the send smart campaign ensures a better journey. This is also good practice if you ever decide to push a similar asset/promotion within a nurture program and another program; segmenting audiences on the send level can be critical as you build out your instance.


          Just be sure to always test along the way and you should be golden!

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            Caroline Brown

            I agree with Ethan - definitely use programs!  Also, just a word of caution - we have a couple streams that pull people in after a specific email was delivered.  The problem we encountered is that if an email wasn't successfully delivered, people were getting stuck in our streams.  You might want to create some smart lists that look at people that have exhausted the content in their current stream so you can be sure to change their stream as you see fit.  Good luck!

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              Brett Carpenter

              Thanks Ethan & Caroline !

              What is the difference in reporting when using lone emails vs. programs?

              We're definitely looking at moving the exhausted folks to a different stream

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                Sydney Mulligan

                I agree with Caroline and Ethan, nested programs are the way to go! Another really cool way you can build this is adding a new status to your channel for the Nurture Cast (the nested Default program) called "Exclusion" at the highest level. Then, if you are promoting a piece of content that is accessible through other channels (ex: you are sending a nurture email promoting a white paper that is also available on your resource center) you can add people to that status to make Marketo skip over them and not send them that email, just go right to the next one in the stream.

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                  Kimberly Galitz

                  Hey All, (Raleigh/Durham User Group )


                  I wanted to add a question on to Brett's post and everyone's good advice, I've taken these ideas down and have started to work on them but we had a discussion come up today around nurture and measurement.


                  For instance, how do you measure how people enter the stream and how they exhaust the content? What's the measure of success here? Aside from just program success? (we used to have a form, now we don't, but worry clicks is too vague plus those pesky spam things). Do you change their score specifically for nurture? How do you know when nurture has "worked" and they are ready for sales? (honestly I guess that's the magic bullet question but, that's what I am trying to figure out)


                  Do you all have any suggestions for measuring what we currently have running and how to measure and strategize around setting up the new one?


                  If it helps, we are revamping nurture, and also implementing welcome series and re-nurture (all using engagement programs) so if you have suggestions for splitting out each into a different channel because the program success may need to differ let me know!


                  Thanks in advance!