Name a hard-coded form?

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Name a hard-coded form?

We hard-code our Marketo forms rather than use iframes. (We need to write data to custom objects in SF.) Then we add a hidden field that identifies the form.

Unfortunately, all of my automations must trigger on every form that comes from our site for looking for a match in that field.

I imagine it would save some processing time if there was a way to add a name to these forms, the same way an i-framed marketo form has a name. Then my automations would only trigger on forms with that name. Is that possible, and would it actually save processing time?

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Re: Name a hard-coded form?

Are you saying you use Marketo fields on non-Marketo pages? Because even then, you're still using a Marketo form for the fields. We do this and most of our landing pages feed to the same form in Marketo. We differentiate by the Web page URL on which the form is completed. I haven't seen any processing delays. You could, however, use a different Marketo form for the fields on each of your landing pages and then trigger on form completions on a specific Marketo form name. If you have autonomy to build your own landing pages I could see this being feasible.