Munchkin on Scrolling Site?

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Munchkin on Scrolling Site?

Hi community!

What would be the best way to implement Munchkin code to record page visits on a parallax scrolling site? Example of the type of site i'm referencing is here:

On this site, each of the page main areas has been setup in Google Analytics to track with anchors such as #follow-share. Can Munchkin record activities based on anchors? Or how else you you setup tracking?

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Re: Munchkin on Scrolling Site?

Marketo munchkin is not detecting the anchors while scrolling and treat home page as one page. The best method to implement the munchkin is to put the code in footer. So, if user clicks on the navigation of parallax then it will track the click link and also when user click on other pages that will also be tracked.

Hope this will help.