Munchkin API Uses/Benefits

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Munchkin API Uses/Benefits


I am trying to better understand Munchkin API in terms of real use cases. It seems like people are using it to track video plays, maybe other objects that are not links and therefore not normally tracked?

Are any of you using Munchkin API to augment your Lead Scoring efforts, and if so, what are some ways you find it’s most useful for yourself/your clients? What problems are you using Munchkin API to solve for?

Thank you for any insights!


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Re: Munchkin API Uses/Benefits

Video events. Hover events. Clicks on dynamically added elements.  Time on page. Number of pages in a browser session.

Of course, not all of these data points help with individual lead scoring. You'll have to decide what is significant for your business case, and for how long.   It's often a chicken-egg scenario where you have to reverse-engineer what clues (metrics) might have led to the solution (conversion).

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Re: Munchkin API Uses/Benefits

You can also uyse the munchkin API to create custom events and trigger campaigns based on the inclusion of those custom events.