Multiple Scoring Models

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Multiple Scoring Models

How do you handle multiple scoring models?

We serve multiple industries, so we have different personas for Healthcare vs Apparel vs Foodservice, etc. Both their demographics and behavioral activity are different from one another.

Would we have to create a Healthcare Behavior Score field, a Healthcare Demographic Score field, and a Healthcare Total Score field?... Create a Healthcare Scoring campaign... and then so on for each persona?

This seems like ALOT of different campaigns running in the background, but not sure else how to do it?

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Re: Multiple Scoring Models

Hi Erin,

Like you, we also have a number of different Industries for which we run different campaigns. However, we managed to create a single lead scoring model in such a way that allows you to score them respectively. You don't have to do this, although it is simpler to have a single lead scoring model.

If I understand your scenario correctly, it doesn't sound like you have to create different fields for scoring either, you can use the same field.

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Re: Multiple Scoring Models

Agreed, in this scenario the leads are separate and the same fields can be used.

You can use Choice steps and smart lists to have a single or mostly single scoring set of campaigns. However, not every campaign may apply to both, so be sure to plan it out carefully. You'll need separate Scoring tokens for each Type of Score, if Apparel gets a diff score from Foodservice.

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Re: Multiple Scoring Models

Macarena Lopez Mazzeo​ is correct as long as there is no crossover in your personas. Then you can have one field that says "Persona" and you know their score is only related to that persona. But if anyone could cross between apparel and healthcare, then you run the risk of having their score artificially increase by combining across their industries.

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Re: Multiple Scoring Models

Piggy-backing off Christina's comment - also be aware of cross-sell opportunities. Do you sell different products to the different industries? If so, and if you have a customer in one product who might be a good target for another, you can use this opportunity to score them separately so you can see which product(s) is/are best to sell.