Multiple forms on multiple landing pages with one CTA

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Multiple forms on multiple landing pages with one CTA

I'm trying to create an application using three different Marketo forms and landing pages (button on first two reads "Next," while the final page reads "Submit"), but applicants would be able to fill out only the first or second form without completing the entire application. Questions:

1.  Is there a way to add a restriction in here so that they would be required to fill out all three forms for their information to save?

2.  Is there a way to provide a user name and log-in so they could fill out sections of the applications, save it, and return at a later time.

3. Is the only solution to add all of the fields to one long form on one landing page?
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Re: Multiple forms on multiple landing pages with one CTA

Hey Matt,

1. You can use custom Javascript to prevent the user from advancing to the next page and submitting the form without filling out all fields, however this will still create a lead record if they do not fill out all of the fields.  If you wanted you could create a data cleanup smart campaign to delete leads that came from that set of forms if they did not fill out their information completely.

2. This is beyond Marketo's scope, and is something to interface with your website team on,  they should be able to create this functionality for you.

3.  Yes and No, it depends entirely on what you want to accomplish here.  Without knowing more about what exactly you want to accomplish, I can't make a good reccomendation.