Multi-Select Values in Form

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Multi-Select Values in Form

I need to include a multi-select option for a custom field in a form, my questions are:

1. What type of field do I need to use to set up the custom field, would it be the string?

2. If someone chooses two values for the custom field, will both values be populated into the field?

Thank you!


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Re: Multi-Select Values in Form

Hi Christine,

Quick response :

1. String is preferable

2. Yes, both the values will show up in the that specific field separated with comma.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Multi-Select Values in Form

It will be a semiicolon:

Value 1;Value 2; Value 3

In general, avoid using Multiselect boxes here because later on you will have a harder time filtering leads on this field: Use CONTAINS "Value 1, Value 2" it will end up with multiple variations of several values that you will have to account for.

Ask why you need a multi select and instead try a drop down or radio button if you can separate out the values properly.