MSI operational email flag not being respected

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MSI operational email flag not being respected

  • I have an email exposed to MSI which is set to Operational Email
  • I navigate to a Lead which is marked as "Email Opt Out"/Unsubscribed
  • Select "Send Marketo Email"
  • Select the operational email template and click send

Expected behaviour:

  • Even though the Lead is opted out, the email template is set to operational, so should be sent

Actual Behaviour

  • Email is not sent
  • Unsubscribe is respected by Marketo

Can anyone confirm if this is this is meant to behave like this or if this is a bug?

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Re: MSI operational email flag not being respected

Hi Sean,

Ideally If an email is marked as "operational" then it ignores the Unsubscribed and Marketing Suspended statuses. They send the email no matter what!


The only exception is Operational emails are not designed to work with engagement programs. Thus, an engagement program will ignore an email's operational status. But apart from that in case the operational email status is being ignored by Marketo then there might be a possible issue and a support ticket would need to be raised to resolve this!

Also you can go to the activity log of the lead and see the details of Skipped sending the email to confirm the reason of not sending the email!

Karan Hari
Senior Product Manager - Marketo Engage
Marketo Employee

Re: MSI operational email flag not being respected

Check the settings for your Sales Emails in Admin.  You may have them set to Respect Unsubscribe Settings

Configure Unsubscribe Footers in Marketo Sales Insight - Marketo Docs - Product Docs