Re: MSD 365 Lead Qualification and sync to Marketo

MSD 365 Lead Qualification and sync to Marketo



we have integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Online with Marketo and there seems to be an issue with synching the qualified leads (i.e. contacts) back to Marketo.


Example: a person is created in Marketo, then pushed to CRM as a lead and assigned to a Sales Owner. SO accepts it (qualifies) and this lead becomes a contact (with an opportunity and account).


Per my understanding of the documentation, Marketo should recognize this conversion and update the Marketo person record with the MSD contact information. But this is not what we experience in our setting. Marketo record remains synched to the lead record and a Contact record creates a new person record in Marketo (duplicate).  Our CRM consultants claim we use the standard qulification process and that there hasn`t been any customizations.


I am in contact with support to solve this issue, but meanwhile, I would just like to check here if someone has any advice/idea on what could be the reason for this issue? In addition, I was told by support  that the GUID information of the lead and contact record needs to be the same for Marketo to match the contact back to Marketo record. Are there any other fields the systems take into account or could influence the connector?





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Re: MSD 365 Lead Qualification and sync to Marketo

I am having the exact same problem. Creating a lead, syncing to D365. Qualifying it and then having both a qualified lead in Marketo and the new contact.

The lead status changes to Qualified from Open. The CRM contact is supposed to "merge" with the lead.


If we find the answer i will let you know!