Moving a Smart Campaign

Level 4

Moving a Smart Campaign

We are reorganising our instance to have the assets more organised and as part of this process we are supposed to move the smart campaigns from where they are stored(Email Program, Default Program etc.) to other campaign programs. Are there any implication tied to it from the smart campaign execution standpoint or can I simply assume that after moving the smart campaigns to other programs, the automations will continue to work as expected. Please advise, thanks.

Level 9

Re: Moving a Smart Campaign

The only implication I can think of is that if your Smart Campaign sends an email AND you use tokens, the SC should live in the same program as the email itself. Otherwise the SC might inherit the tokens from the program it lives in which might mess with the tokens the email lives in.


But generally speaking - and from a program cloning perspective - I'd rather say that Smart Campaign that interact with assets in programs or the program itself, should better be in that program. Having a program with only Smart Campaigns and another one with only assets doesn't look like a good idea to me.