Model Performance Analysis - Direct/Indirect Transition

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Model Performance Analysis - Direct/Indirect Transition

Hi Marketo-eers,

I'm looking to report on MQLs passed to sales on a monthly basis.  Using RCE, I'm running a Model Performance Analysis with "To Stage" includes "MQL" and Date includes 'Last 6 months" as filters.

When I run this I get an extremely large number of MQLs per month, one that my sales leader believes is artificially high.  When I filter this further between "Direct Transition" and "Indirect Transition" I see a large skew -- The Indirect number is, on average, 50% bigger than Direct, and the Direct number more closely matches sales leaders' expectations of the MQL number.

Does anyone have any advice/insight into this?  I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding what Direct and Indirect mean.  My expectation is that Indirect just means there are additional transition steps between the start stage and "MQL," and might include some leads which hit MQL more than once in a month (expected to be rare, but possible).

Any insight you could provide would be much appreciated!



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Re: Model Performance Analysis - Direct/Indirect Transition

Hmm. I would love to fiddle with the report settings here. I suspect that you need to look at a few things:

  • From Stage to Stage
  • InFlow/Outflow #
  • # inventory in that month
  • Adjust Date settings to look at Leads that changed to MQL in that Month. Maybe you did already, but not super clear in your note.

Post a screenshot?

I don't recall Direct or Indirect Transitions from RCE. Is that new?

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Re: Model Performance Analysis - Direct/Indirect Transition

you know who would know for sure? Wyatt Bales

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Re: Model Performance Analysis - Direct/Indirect Transition

Hi Rich,

The 'Is Direct Transition' filter is usually used to determine if a Fast Track should be put into the model. I would advise against using this filter because this would mean you're only evaluating those leads that traveled directly from a specific stage and could eliminate multi-stage leads. 

Have you looked at the pre-built Lead Balance Report? Most times the numbers are inflated in RCE because it captures deleted (or merged) records. Usually the root cause for high model numbers is due to leaving the Auto-Assignment Rules enabled which combined with liberal transition rules leads to a leaky model.

If the Lead Balance Report provides you similar information then I suggest running a lead analysis report on the lifecycle status field and dragging over other fields you use internally to ensure they are legit leads.