Merging leads from separate domains

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Merging leads from separate domains


I'm quite new to Marketo, and was wondering if someone more experienced with the software could answer the following question.

Say we are using Marketo to manage multiple domains ( and, and have Munchkin on each domain. My questions are:

1. If forms are filled out on both domains by the same user, are we able to merge their records?

2. Are we able to merge two user records from two different domains if their IP addresses match?

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Re: Merging leads from separate domains

Hi Luca,

  1. The leads will be automatically be merged if they use the same email address
  2. No, that will not be possible automatically.

Now, you can always merge 2 leads manually in Marketo. Go to the lead database, select them in a smart list, click on both and use the "lead actions->merge leads"

But, all this might be a little tricky if you are using workspaces.