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Re: Member webinar URL token

Well, the bespoke LP doesn't force the webinar URL to get synced over from Zoom to Marketo, rather it provides a breather for the sync to process (and displays an apt message to registrants until the sync completes). Instead of sending out emails with {{Member.Webinar URL}} in the email, this method populates it on the LP and the registration confirmation email could link to this LP. Through this, you could ensure that emails don't go out with empty values for the {{Member.Webinar URL}} in case the registrant's unique webinar join link doesn't get synced over to Marketo before the email send. Zoom sends over the {{Member.Webinar URL}} as soon as the program status is updated to Registered in Marketo, it doesn't care whether the status change was triggered by the form fill, you manually changed it, or was changed by flows triggered/ran by non-form fill activity. So IMO you could still use the LP approach documented by Sandy w/o using Marketo forms.


All these data exchanges, i.e., Marketo sending over the Registred program status update and then zoom sending the unique join link back to Marketo could take a while at times (how to deal with these delays is what the LP method tries to address). Lastly, I don't think you could force the sync or predict the sync time for every single case with the 100% precision (if there was a way, we'd not need the LP approach in the first place).