Re: MEL's With No Activity

Level 5

MEL's With No Activity


Just wondering what some best practices are out there against MEL's in the database that have reset back to 0 in scoring from decrease or no activity. Currently we have many MEL's that have a behavior score of 0 (which is the scoring we base our MQL's off of currently). They have engaged with us previously but now have dropped off and have had no activity in some cases for 6 months. Do you keep them as MEL's or move them back to MCL's? We have thought of a wake from the dead campaign to see if they are still valuable but wanted to see what others might do.

Level 8

Re: MEL's With No Activity

Sounds like you could use a Sleeping Beauty Track.

One of the other things you should do beyond the campaign to wake people up again is to look and see where the last engagement came from. Maybe you have a campaign that is causing it or even a piece of content is where a lot of your leads fall off the wagon that you can look to correct so you have less losing engagement in the future.