Match Users by Email & SFDC Campaign Membership

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Match Users by Email & SFDC Campaign Membership

Hi there, 


I'm struggling to find a solution for what feels like a really simple concept, and am hoping someone out there has a solution! 


My goal is to reference within a program flow logic, a set of users who match:  Email Address in SFDC Campaign X = True AND Email Address in Marketo Program Y = False. 

I know there are duplicates that exist with the same email and different unique identifiers but I want to treat all duplicates as the same user. I know the concept can easily be done matching by 'Member ID' / 'Person ID' but I cannot figure out how to do it by only 'Email Address.'

Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Match Users by Email & SFDC Campaign Membership

Hi Serena,


You won't be able to consolidate the people with the same Email Address value — or, it might be better to say,choose only one of them as the canonical lead — if you don't have some other field to filter on.


On the other hand, Marketo won't send an email from the same batch campaign to more than one lead with the same Email Address. So my next question is: what's going to be in the Flow?