Marketo vs ChurnZero

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Marketo vs ChurnZero

Hi there! I've recently been added to a committee at my company to represent the Marketo Engage platform and streamline our email communication across all the platforms we use. One of which is ChurnZero. In Marketo, we do have some of our client info that syncs from SFDC if they are also in Marketo, so we do have a segment of clients that we can market to. It sounds like ChurnZero is used for Sales Reps to do their own marketing. Curious if anyone in the community also uses both platforms - is there anyone who has moved all email communication to Marketo and Salesloft (cutting out ChurnZero completely). Seems like a lot of platforms to keep up with but I'm not as familiar with ChurnZero so maybe there is a perfect use case for it! Thanks!

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Re: Marketo vs ChurnZero

Are you talking about moving all the communication from ChurnZero to Marketo and Salesloft and discontinuing ChurnZero?