Marketo & Uberflip Best Practices

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Marketo & Uberflip Best Practices


We are using Uberflip as our resources hub and creating cards with forms. CTAs include sign up for trial and contact us. Based on what I've read from Uberflip, the requirement is to create a static list in Marketo.

I'm wondering what additional steps users have put in place to track leads and associate them with a program in Marketo. I have some ideas on this but looking for advice from what others have done here.

Trigger > added to list = program success and auto-response email is sent.

Is Uberflip it's own channel? Or part of the web channel.



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Re: Marketo & Uberflip Best Practices

What do you want it to be?

What do the uberflip docs suggest?

You can certainly build a special Channel Type for Uberflip.

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Re: Marketo & Uberflip Best Practices

Thanks Josh.

I've chatted with Uberflip and they are working on their documentation.

I'm using our Web Form channel for now (as the card is a "form" on our

website). Using added to list as the trigger to associate the lead with the

program and giving acquisition program status to it.


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Re: Marketo & Uberflip Best Practices

Hi Michelle - 

Part of the Marketo integration with Uberflip is the ability to sync the conversion and last visited item to the following fields you can create in Marketo:

  • uf_conversion_item_id
  • uf_conversion_item_title
  • uf_last_visited_item_id
  • uf_last_visited_item_title

The uf_conversion_item fields get populated when the lead fills out a form CTA to access the content (i.e. converted). 

The uf_last_visited_item fields get populated BOTH when the user accesses the content via gated or ungated.

I am currently building out programs for each individual content to distinguish the difference between gated content and ungated content using these fields as triggers.

For Ungated:


For Gated:


The reason I'm doing it this way is because we decided to score differently based on whether the user had to fill out the form to access the content, vs already being a known user so Uberflip allows them to access the content without filling out the form. 

For your other independent CTA's like Free Trial, that won't update these fields, so adding to a unique list for the engagement and triggering off that is probably the best approach.

Hope this helps!