Marketo tracking issue since AEM upgrade

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Marketo tracking issue since AEM upgrade

My company recently updated our website to integrate with AEM, we have had issues with Marketo programs since then. 

Some test registrations (not all) are being captured in the database; additionally, some (not all) are associated with programs. 

But in some cases, we are seeing no members are recorded at the program level or database. 

This applies to Form Submissions and Link Clicks.

Our Data Flow

The form submission data is passed from:

AEM to Middleware > the Middleware to Marketo > and then Marketo to Salesforce.

Prior to the AEM upgrade, UTM values were setup to capture form data and therefore was built to populate these values individually from cookies (we have retained this approach).  Currently, this setup works to capture that form data on the contacts activity and works across non email channels such as paid ads.

However, it is not associating member activity to email campaign clicks and form submits in Marketo. 


Although we have identified the longer-term fix (see below).

I was wondering if anyone could propose any workarounds until that fix is put in place.



Through some other testing and hypothesis, it is believed that in order to associate the submission data to the email campaign, a new requirement to add a query parameter to capture the referrer URL as a single URL string to match exactly the URL used in the Marketo campaign. This requires all UTM values as part of one field vs individually.  By making this change, this should associate members to specific campaigns and resolve the issue. 


Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks, David

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Re: Marketo tracking issue since AEM upgrade

The question is a bit vague. What REST API endpoint, exactly, are you using to write form submissions to Marketo?

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Re: Marketo tracking issue since AEM upgrade

Apologies for the vagueness.

Within Marketing Activities in an Email Program, we set-up Triggers for:

Fills Out Form

Clicked CTA


Fills Out Form Trigger

We use Form Name, is, Form Name.


Querystring: contains, UTM Parameters only

Referrer: contains, Base URL only (website landing page)


Clicked CTA Trigger

Email, is, Email Name

Constraints: contains, Base URL with UTM Parameters


These actions aren't always being recorded in the Default Email Program and sometimes not in the database.

Hence, we can't send emails at this time without reliable data capture.


Which led to testing and the outcome we have discovered.  But if there is a workaround you can suggest I would love to hear it.


We use two, one for Production and Sandbox.
Configuration is the same:


In order to access these endpoints, we first authenticate against the instance.
In sandbox, we access https://MarketoInstance9-characterMunchkin

to get the oauth token.
Which will be sent as header with every REST API call.

This can be extracted, and a sample request sent.

Please let me know the preferred language like cURL, jQuery, Javascript and I can share it here.


Does this answer your question?  Please let me know if you need more detail I didn't provide.

Very much appreciate your time and help.

Regards, David