Marketo to AdWords conversion tracking for specific opportunity type?

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Marketo to AdWords conversion tracking for specific opportunity type?

How can I integrate Marketo and Google Ads so that Marketo sends Google Ads offline conversions when a specific type of opportunity is created when I don't have a stage for that opportunity type in Revenue Model? 


We currently have Salesforce (SF) and Google Ads (GA) integrated so that SF tells GA when people result in an opportunity via captured gclid values. However, we have a number of different opportunity types that are unequal in value... let's call them vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 


Current SF-> GA integration tells GA about any opportunity. Our objective, though, is to generate chocolate opportunities, specifically. Therefore I want to tell GA when chocolate opportunities are generated so that we can optimize our GA campaigns for that outcome. 



  • Our Marketo instance is synced with Salesforce
  • We have a revenue model with stages for when people become opportunities. However, those stages only reflect that an opportunity has been created. They do not distinguish between vanilla vs. chocolate vs. strawberry opportunities. 
  • I'm aware of Marketo doc Set Google AdWords Conversions in the Revenue Model
    • Map AdWords offline conversions to one or more stages in a Revenue model. There are three ways to do the mapping...
    • I interpret this doc to mean that I can only use this feature to send conversions to GA if those conversions correspond to stages in our Revenue Model (we don't have a stage for chocolate opportunities, specifically)

Thanks for any help you can share!