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Marketo & Tableau

Hi folks, my marketing intelligence analyst is looking at two vendors for getting our Marketo data into Tableau. Anyone have experience with either of these vendors?

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Re: Marketo & Tableau

We used Informatica at Rackspace. I know at one point there were some data limitations and API call restrictions using Informatica to pull data from Marketo into our data warehouse. The call/script recommendations Marketo for "sync multiple leads" was making presented some challenges, but ultimately our team figured it out. It may have just been that the support team we spoke with at Marketo didn't have familiarity with Informatica. It seems like there is always a solution, just not always out of the box! 🙂

I can set you up with someone at Rackspace (even though I am no longer there) if that would help you out.
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Re: Marketo & Tableau

We did quite similar work for a client using Alteryx and Tableau with Marketo. Alteryx has an inbuilt connector for extracting data out of Marketo. Inside Alteryx we can perform simple data blending/processing to advanced analytics(like predictive analytics, data modelling etc.) with this data. The processed data can be then be output to .tde(Tableau Data Extract) format which is directly consumed by Tableau and dashboard is updated is almost real time.
Here is a sample, that we built with Alteryx and Tableau:!/vizhome/shared/BGFSKWX9X

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Re: Marketo & Tableau


We have bumped into the same issue as you had before when integrating Marketo and Tableau, so we decided to extract Marketo data to SQL Server database, then connected database and Tableau.

We have tried several data extraction tools including the tool you mentioned above, but they didn't resolve our data integration problem. Therefore, we have developed our own data retrieving tool called Data Loader for Marketo(DLM) which allows you to sync Marketo data to the database without any coding. We invite you to visit our website to have a free trial of DLM and see if this could solve your problem.

Data Loader for Marketo:

Feel free to contact us for further information or any feedback are very welcome!