Marketo Sync Security Token

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Marketo Sync Security Token

We have received a Salesforce Sync Error from Marketo.

Marketo is unable to log into your Salesforce account because the username/password credentials no longer work.

I checked our Salesforce tab under Integration and says that our last sync failed.  There has been no change to the Marketo Sync profile's credentials.

My question is, if I reset the the security token and update the credentials for the SFDC sync, will this have an affect on current data and sync?

If yes, How?

Or will it pick up where it left off?

Thanks in advance for your help and feedback.


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Re: Marketo Sync Security Token

You may want to check with Support for a faster response. There are alot of threads on this issue as well.

  1. Go to SFDC and reset the password and token for the Marketo User
  2. login to Marketo, update the sync user
  3. start it up again

There should be zero impact on the data. Some Tasks during the broken sync will never sync over, but that's about it.

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Re: Marketo Sync Security Token

Josh Hill

So if I continue with my emails as schedule while I get this sync issue corrected, all respondents should sync to SFDC once connected again?