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Marketo support issues

Has anyone else had the experience consistently of marketo support just not responding to tickets, not following up with emails, after days and days of attempts to contact them? Not even to say "I'm not sure.", or "We're still looking into it.", just ZERO feedback whatsoever.

I'm at my wits end. How do I combat this? Anyone have similar experience and/or advice?

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Re: Marketo support issues

Hi Rebekah,

I looked up your account and found the case I think you're referring to. It looks like there may have been some kind of workflow error in our CRM which caused this to fall through the cracks. We're looking over that and we're transferring your case manually so someone can get with you right away.


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Re: Marketo support issues

Or you can request to have Grant as your first-level support engineer - he's great!