Marketo SSO setup with Azure

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Marketo SSO setup with Azure

We are trying to setup SSO in marketo using Azure. SSO settings have been updated in marketo and we have shared the Entity ID and URL (SAML response) to setup the connection in Azure. When we tested the connection, we were able to launch Marketo from Microsoft app store but landing on the Marketo Session Expired page instead of Marketo Home page.

Wanted to understand where we went wrong and looking for any guidance.

Below are the URLs we shared with the Azure team

Entity ID -<munchkin_id>

ACS URL -<munchkin_id>

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Re: Marketo SSO setup with Azure

I do not hear you mention anything about the input you need to receive from the Azure team to complete your set up on the Marketo side. Do you have the Issuer Id and certificate? And the login url I would expect to be a url generated in Azure, something like


Without getting the full information on what has been done it is rather difficult to help you troubleshoot.