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Marketo Plug-in Issues

Hi there,

We've had an ongoing problem where our Sales team try and install the Marketo plug-in on their Outlook, and it will disappear a day later or it won’t verify them (even though the email address and key are correct, as well as the Outlook version and bit type). I have also tried revoking their license and re-issuing it.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

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Re: Marketo Plug-in Issues

Have you spoken with Support? Did your IT team help the salesperson?

There are a lot of threads on this, perhaps one of them has the issue solution.

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Re: Marketo Plug-in Issues

Hi Josh,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Yes, someone got in contact and I believe it has been resolved (fingers crossed).

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Re: Marketo Plug-in Issues

Hi Lexi,

I found that a lot of sales reps "live" Salesforce. It might make sense to show them how to send Sales Insight emails from Salesforce for when Outlook is down - just in case.



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Re: Marketo Plug-in Issues

Hi Lexi - I'm having the same issue with my sales rep. Can you share what was the solution/cause that you discovered please?



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Re: Marketo Plug-in Issues

Hi Lexi,

I'd really appreciate it if you shared how you were able to get this problem resolved. I've had this issue for a month now, and after lots of back-and-forth emails with the Marketo support team, I haven't gotten lucky. Any insight will help!