Marketo Plug-In for Outlook Vs. HubSpot Outlook Plug-in

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Marketo Plug-In for Outlook Vs. HubSpot Outlook Plug-in

Hi All,

So recently I have found that we have some sales rep on our floor using the HubSpot for Outlook plug-in to track email opens and click throughs.

I want to try to keep it all within Marketo, but do any of you know how the two compare? I know that HubSpot gives access to all of that information in the actual plug-in and they do not need to login to any thing.

For the outlook and Marketo plug-in can each rep track their own emails through the plug in or will they need to know how to navigate a Marketo instance.

Any advice or knowledge on either plug-in would be much appreciated.



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Re: Marketo Plug-In for Outlook Vs. HubSpot Outlook Plug-in

Please read the docs

Send and Track an Email with the Email Add-In for Outlook - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

HubSpot's UI for Outlook and Gmail seems more natural to the reps and is updated more often. Unfortunately, you'll never capture that data in Marketo without using the API to connect those events somehow. You should also be careful with unsubscribes because they won't be synced.

A lot of teams have this problem with HubSpot CRM, Salesloft, etc. You need to discuss what the reps want to do and why, and how best to help them. They should not use unverified systems (and I bet they never got a full contract with HB).