Marketo Mobile In App Message Dashboard and Analytics

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Marketo Mobile In App Message Dashboard and Analytics

We've recently started to send In App messages from Marketo to our mobile app. I noticed that there isn't a lot of native reporting for in app programs or the messages themselves. The program dashboard seems to be about the only thing available. Some of it seems self-explanatory but I'm looking for definitions of the activity shown:

Screenshot In App Dashboard.png

How is Deployed different than Displayed - This particular message is configured to display when the app is opened. Presumably that's what the Displayed count is. So then how is Deployed defined?

Tapped - Does tapped include dismissed? Or is it just taps on the CTA?


Additionally, are there ANY other In App Message analytics in Marketo that I may have overlooked or maybe aren't that obvious?


I've searched Community and the Internet pretty extensively and I can't seem to find any information that would help. Hopefully someone here can 🙂



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