Re: Marketo events to Intercom using webhooks

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Marketo events to Intercom using webhooks

We are in the process of using Intercom for Live Chat. Ideally, our sales teams would have access to major events a web user performs within Intercom Chat. Has anyone built an integration pushing Marketo data (for example, email opens) to Intercom or another platform using webhooks?


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Re: Marketo events to Intercom using webhooks

Hey Kostia,

At Knak we are both Intercom and Marketo users. We do it a bit differently because we have all of our trial users go through our own database and have a custom API connector from that database to Marketo, you could easily set this up using Zapier.

Here is the Zap you would want to use:

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.09.32 AM.png

Intercom is by far the best chat tool out there. And, if you haven't tried Zapier yet, you'll love it.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Marketo events to Intercom using webhooks

Thanks. Yes, we are using and impressed with Zapier for near-real time transactional integrations (excluding ETL needs). We've setup several web app events for in our test Intercom account and are hoping to launch in the next few weeks.


If you would be open to sharing a bit more details about your experiences with those tools and future plans including CRO and nurturing strategies, I would appreciate it and we could do the same from our end. Feel free to connect with me via linkedin: