Marketo Custom Objects -- what's YOUR use-case?

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Marketo Custom Objects -- what's YOUR use-case?

Generally I've skipped over Custom Objects as being a bit outside my dev skills, but after attending Summit last month, I've caught the bug. Whether it was in our Advanced Univeristy Day where the consensus seemed to be "probably not worth the effort" and in a fantastic session lead by Amazon AWS on its use-cases; I'm torn! I feel like I want to use it, I see a lot of benefits; but to be honest, I'm not sure I need it, nor am I sure what it can actually do. So, what better way than to pose the question to Nation:

What's your use-case for Custom Objects?
I've heard it described as "Marketo's vLookup, as compared to functionality of Excel" -- which really got me interested!

Please, post your ideas below - how do you use it?

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Re: Marketo Custom Objects -- what's YOUR use-case?

Marketo's VLOOKUP is, I'd say, a terrible analogy.

Did you see Darrell's Use cases for custom marketo objects?