Marketo CO Dedupe Fields

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Marketo CO Dedupe Fields

Hey everyone,

Looking for some potential ideas on how to address needing a change to an approved custom object.

We've had an approved custom object for training records for years. This CO de-dupes based on their Netsuite training record ID and links based on the contact ID. Historically, we only needed these records to be added to our primary contact at a company but now our training dept. would like these records to be added to the primary contact and an account manager. Because it is one record in Netsuite (with one ID) we are currently struggling with how to do this as our sync just moves the record back and forth between the primary and account manager since it's only de-duping on training ID.

I know I can't make an additional dedupe field as this object is already approved so I'm curious if anyone has had a similar hurdle and figured out a solution. The only thing we've been able to come up with is rebuilding the object which we don't want to do as we would need to re-sync all previous records.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!