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Marketo Channels with Salesforce

Hey all,

I set up a new Paid Social channel in Marketo, with statuses Member and Responded ("responded" is marked as success).

I then set up a test program, set Paid Social as the channel, and synced to a SFDC campaign.

I added a landing page, created a UTM tracking link to test, and filled out the form.

I show up in the Marketo program, but I don't show up in the associated Salesforce campaign, which I assumed I would since the sync is automatic (I shouldn't need an additional smart campaign to add myself to SFDC campaign).

Is this because I also have to do something in Salesforce to map to the Paid Social channel?

Thanks all!


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Re: Marketo Channels with Salesforce

Hi Robin,

You shouldn't have to do anything with the SFDC campaign to make it sync to Marketo. Marketo takes care of that. When you look at the Program Summary, does it show the SFDC sync?


Things I have used to troubleshoot campaigns in the past:

  • Do you know how often your SFDC-Marketo is set to sync?
  • Has your SFDC admin mentioned anything about API limits?
  • Does the SFDC campaign and your Marketo campaign have the exact same status options (Member/Responded). It sounds like they do from what you said above, but it must be exact.

A better way to do this may be to use a flow step to add people to the campaign when its appropriate. It will be less taxing on your Marketo-SFDC by only pushing people into the campaign when you need to. Here are 3 flow steps you can use to manage SFDC campaign membership from Marketo.


I hope that helps!

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Re: Marketo Channels with Salesforce

Thank you Carey!

To answer your points:

  • How often it syncs - not sure but I've tested this in the past and leads show up pretty immediately
  • API limits - they haven't mentioned anything, but I'll check
  • Same status options - I think this could be the issue. I don't see "Responded" as an option in the SFDC campaign and I'm not sure how to fix:


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Re: Marketo Channels with Salesforce

It will be under the Advanced Setup Tab in the Campaign in SFDC. I don't have access to a Salesforce instance right now to show you, but if you would like to email me I'd be happy to do a quick screen share with you and walk you through it.

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Re: Marketo Channels with Salesforce

Hi Robin,

Please move this question to Products where it belongs. Marketing Central is for generic marketing questions.

As soon as the lead is a member of the program and the program is sync'ed, yes, you should not have to use a smart campaign (and anyway, this would be ineffective, since the add to SFDC campaign flow step would be ignored).

Look at the lead activity log, to check whether any issues shows on the sync attempt.


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Re: Marketo Channels with Salesforce

The syncing had been almost a black box for me, until I read through Edward Unthank's amazing breakdown. There's one paragraph that's pertinent to your exact situation here.

Long delay between Marketo and SFDC?

"Timeliness of sync between Marketo and Salesforce

  • "Sync lead to SFDC" and "Add lead to SFDC Campaign" is immediate, without a queue. When a lead runs through that flow step, the sync to SFDC happens.
  • Marketo program/SFDC campaign sync happens through a queue every 7 (or so) minutes. That's the one that you see in the Admin section of Marketo, where "Last time Salesforce was synced" is. While this happens every 7 (or so) minutes, there's a set limit of campaign syncs happening with each call, and extra campaign syncs will be queued, waiting for a later program/campaign sync opportunity if there's room next time. SO, Marketo program/SFDC campaign syncs are more API-call efficient, but you run into queueing bottlenecks faster. I don't remember exact throughput numbers, but when I was doing a huge sync, the leads-synced-per-hour was around 8,000.
  • Lead updates also happen every 7 (or so) minutes. That is, when you update a field value on a lead in Marketo, it's checked against SFDC every time to see if the value is different, then if it's different, Marketo updates the new value in SFDC (or vice versa). This faces the same lead-value-change queueing problem as Marketo programs/SFDC campaigns."