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Marketo BrightTALK Integration



We have recently made integration of Marketo and BrightTALK platform, But there are times when only some leads pass in Marketo. Please share which smart campaign triggers we need to use to pass the leads.

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Re: Marketo BrightTALK Integration

To ensure that all leads are passed from BrightTALK to Marketo, you can create a smart campaign in Marketo with the following triggers:

"Filled Out Form" trigger - this will capture leads that have filled out a form on BrightTALK and ensure they are passed to Marketo.
"Data Value Changes" trigger - this will capture leads that have any changes in data value on BrightTALK and pass them to Marketo.
By using these triggers, you can ensure that all leads are captured and passed from BrightTALK to Marketo.

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Re: Marketo BrightTALK Integration

Have you tried refreshing the event post-event so all the people from the webinar partner sync over to Marketo?

Following are the steps for it:

  • Open the Webinar Program
  • Go to Event Actions -> Refresh from webinar provider

Usually, it takes up to 24 hours for the event updates to sync from the event partner platform to Marketo.


Also, to be clear, you don't need smart campaigns in Marketo to GET the status updates from the webinar partner (e.g., post event attendance). That update happens automatically from the native sync. However, you need campaigns to update the Registration status using the Change Program Status flow step (Event > Registered) to sync status updates from Marketo to the event partner in case you're using Marketo forms to drive the registrations. FYR, the trigger for the Registration status update campaign would be the Fills out Form Registration Form.